The story

The D’Amico Law Firm has been established in Rome in 1953.  Mrs. Claudia D’Amico has always been interested in Law and has made it her mission to uphold it, in the pursuit of Justice. She graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome and has been practicing the profession ever since, for over 25 years. Furthermore, Mrs. D’Amico is listed in the professional registry of lawyers of Rome and, since 2011, has been admitted as a Barrister of the Supreme Court.

The firm is specialized in family law (legal separations, divorces, child protection), lawful successions, deeds of gift, leases, estates sales and acquisitions, evictions, condominium law, debt collection, private law, damage claims due to infiltrations, compensations due to medical or professional liabilities, procurement contacts, bankruptcies, civil actions within criminal proceedings, criminal proceedings for the offences of insulting behavior, defamatory acts, voluntary or involuntary personal injuries, traffic injuries, non-contentious jurisdiction (management of legal persons due to legal interdiction).

The D’Amico Law Firm nowday

The main strength of the firm is the continuous improvement and revision of the legal procedures. Mrs. D’Amico aptly manages the ever-changing legislation and the latest legal processes adopted by law courts. The aim is, of course, to provide the best possible service.

The best approach to obtain something in this field is to know beforehand all legal aspects regarding the specific issue, so as to not get lost in the midst of complicated bureaucratic procedures.  To this end, the clients are assisted for the duration of the entire legal proceedings, if needed, all the way to the Supreme Court. The attorney, being entrusted with the service, promises to make the client’s problems her own, relieving them of any responsibility.

 Mrs. D’Amico is fluent in the English language, being in possession of a U.S. citizenship, and, as such, is listed on the registry of lawyers at both the U.S. and Canadian embassies.  She also acts as a fiduciary on behalf of many Insurance companies, giving her assistance in the form of legal protection.

She is also listed in the lawyer’s registry for free legal aid.

Finally, the firm is also excellent at managing conciliations and mediations. Often the settlement proposals not accepted by the opposite side, have then frequently been rewarded by positive rulings, sometimes even by better terms then the ones the original proposal presented.